High Efficiency Evaporative Condenser

Evaporative Condenser is high efficient type evaporative condenser, with optimized structure design, and strict heat transfer performance test.evaporative condenser could achieve high heat transfer performance by equipped with high-efficient coils, and evaporative water cooling system.

 It widely used in energy chemical industry,Pharmaceuticals coal, electricity, industrial refrigeration, beer,beverage,-food processing, the cold storage, the building air conditioning refrigeration,etc.

Modular cells structure design, suitable to container shipping
Factory assembled for maximal installation convenience
Compact structure for minimal footprint
Fully sealed design, anti windy, sandy, dirty, sunlight
Eco-Friendly energy and water saving, low drift rate 

Evaporative closed-circuit coolers eliminate the need for a heat exchanger between the process loop and the heat rejection equipment. Unlike a cooling tower, where process water is used as the energy transfer medium and is open to the atmosphere, the coil inside a closed-circuit cooler isolates the process fluid.

In a closed-circuit cooler, process fluid is circulated through coils within the unit. A water distribution system cascades water over the tubes of the coil, extracting heat from the process loop via evaporation. Air is drawn or forced across the coils, agitating the falling water and increasing the transfer of heat. A small amount of this water evaporates due to latent heat transfer through the tube and fin walls of the coil, removing heat from the system. The cooled process fluid returns to the building via the bottom coil connection. Cascaded water drains to a basin and is recirculated back over the coil.

These coolers provide energy-efficient operation in a reduced footprint compared to dry coolers, due to evaporation being used as the primary method of cooling. Because blowdown of the basin water is reduced on closed-loop systems, water conservation is also improved when compared to open-loop systems. Because evaporative coolers can oftentimes run dry when ambient conditions are favorable during reduced load conditions, water consumption is eliminated entirely during these periods of operation.

Principle of Operation

ZICE series evaporative condenser is a kind of high efficient heat exchange equipment renovated and developed on the basis of acquiring the most advanced heat-exchange technology worldwide.

The evaporative condenser uses water and air as cooling medium which transform refrigerant gases from gaseous to liquid state. The vapor to be condensed is circulated through a condensing coil, which is continually wetted on the outside by a re-circulating water system. Air is simultaneously blown upward over the coil, causing a small portion of the re-circulated water to evaporate. This evaporation removes heat from the coil, cooling and condensing the vapor in the coil.

These machines are particularly suitable in industrial refrigeration and cold chain processes, ensuring reliability, high efficiency and low operating costs. ZICE evaporative condensers have following benefits:

Convenient Design for Maintenance:
Oversized access door provides easy access to the unit interior for daily inspection and maintenance.

Inspection and Maintenance with No Downtime:
The ball cock and dross filter can be inspected and repaired without stopping the operation of the equipment. Due to the air and water flow in a parallel path, it is also capable to inspect and repair the nozzles and coils during the running process.

Highest System Performance with Lowest Operation Cost:
Combined flow technology increases efficiency: lower system condensing temperatures thereby reducing compressor horsepower, saving up to 15% energy compared to traditional air-cooled systems.

Extreme Efficient Choice for Large Applications
The lowest total cost of ownership, the lowest installation costs, and the best layout to maximize space by combining the traditional condenser, cooling tower, circulation water pump, basin and connected pipes together.
ZICE evaporative condenser delivers efficient performance in an easy to maintain unit due the patent technology reduce the refrigerant charge, connections and weight of equipment, avoid scale risk but meanwhile the accessibility of maintenance, flexibility and serviceability of installation been increased and that’s why it’s called the maximum capacity model. 

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Post time: Apr-19-2021