Closed Circuit Cross-flow Cooling Tower

Principle of Operation

As induced draft cross flow evaporative cooling tower ,The tower fluld (water ,oil, propylene glycol )is used to provide cooling which is enclosed in a coil ansd is not exposed directly to the air .The coil serves to islolate the process fluld from the outside air ,keeping it clean and contaminate free in a closed loop .Outside of the coil ,there is water spraying over the coil and mixes with the outsode air to discharge warm air from the cooling tower to the atmosphere as a portion of the water evaporates .Cold water outside of the coil is re-circulated and reused :the cool water loops back to the beginning of the process to absorb more heat during evaporating .It helps maintain a clean process fluid which will reduce the maintenance and operation costs .


Operation Principle of Cross-flow closed circuit cooling tower .

Features of cross-flow closed circuit cooling tower
Convient Maintence
Humanization design structure with over-sized access door (lockable )and sufficient inner space ,the maintenance personnel could conveniently enter inside of the tower for daily inspection and maintenance no matter equipment is running or shut-downs .

DUe to the cooled dry air and spary water flow in a parallel path ,the surface od tube been completely damped by the spary water to avoid and dry spot which will lead to scale depost ,ANd the spary water ‘s temperature is lower than scaling temperature which also highly reduces scaling .

Excellent Heat exchange Performance
The cross-flow closed loop coolers adopt a combination of both coil and stuffing for heat rejection which optimized the heat transfer to improve the system efficiency .

ICE Evaporative cross-flow closed circuit coolers s structureand key components intruduction .

Fan; The three special fan ,can be use in outdoor environment .The motor adopt the protection grade IP 55 level ,insulation class F ;Axial flow fan aluminum alloy blades ,about the induction type hair dryer reduce air reflow ,reduce leakage .
Cooling coil ,steel tube :use the high quality of seamless steel tube ,after grade ,and three times the whole under 2.5 Mpa crysh the experiment and the overall in high temperature melt through galvanized processing ,ensure that the steel coil’s outstanding performance.
Spary distribution system :spray water and into the wind homony -mous spary ,ensure uniform coverage of surface plate ,check the spay when stop .
Electronic or instrument one of the ways to deal with the water cycle
Spary pump :use of mechanical seal of the integral of centrifugal pump
Decanier :PVC material made of block water board after three times change airflow direction ,the maximum moisture in the air to block out ,convenient to remove
Thermal envelope :PVCmaterials ,reduce spary water temperature ,help to prevent the coil scaling ,lower spary water cycle ,better for the thermal efficiency ,which saves energy .
Water collecting sump :tilt design .stainless steel mesh ,filling water (ball float valve or electronic water level device )overflow ,the drainage .

Heat transfer performance excellence 

Out of closed cooling tower with new, more open a electronic descaling device of the cooling system, including the industry out of closed cooling tower, precision filter, water pump and coarse filter, precision filter described through pipes connected to the cooling tower at the end of the inlet, the other side, in turn, connect the pump through a pipeline and coarse filter, spraying pipe of the cooling tower is electronic descaling device are installed. By installing an electronic descaler on the spray line of the cooling tower. By installing an electronic scale removal instrument on the spray pipe of the cooling tower, the impurities such as calcium and magnesium in the cooling water are dissolved in point, so as to reduce the scaling of the cooling water in the industrial closed cross-flow cooling tower and improve the cooling efficiency.


The structure of Industrial cross-flow closed circuit cooling tower .

The display of Closed loop Cross-flow Coolinng Tower
High heat -exchange Closed loop Cross-flow Cooling Tower
induced draft cross flow evaporative cooling tower

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