Closed circuit Counter-Flow Cooling Tower Closed loop counter-flow cooler

The ICE series of industrial counter-flow closed circuit cooling towers are used for fluid cooling as an early product entering the market, especially suitable for medium and low temperature cooling (40-37-32°C), and the product structure is simple and compact. The ICE series counter flow close-loop cooling tower is a new generation of heat exchanger that uses copper pipes or steel pipes as heat-conducting elements, and uses wind and soft water to exchange heat to discharge the heat into the air. This machine has high thermal conductivity. Combine it into a multi-layer tube heat exchanger to form a high heat flux density, so this new type of cooling tower has high efficiency. The industrial closed circuit counter cooling tower uses soft water to make a closed loop through the heat exchanger, and the water quality is clean.

High-Efficient and portable closed cooling tower

The portable closed cooling tower includes a shell, a fan, a coil and a sprinkler, and is characterized in that: a fan chamber is arranged in the shell, the fan is installed in the fan chamber, and the air inlet of the fan communicates with the outside of the shell , Used to pass in dry and cold air; the top of the shell is provided with an exhaust window; the coil is arranged in the shell, the hot fluid inlet of the coil is on the top, and the cold fluid outlet is on the bottom; a spray is set directly above the coil For the shower, a water receiving groove is arranged at the bottom of the housing just below the coil, and a drainage port is arranged on the lower side of the water receiving groove. The drainage port is connected with the forehead water inlet of the shower through a spray pump and a circulation pipeline. The utility model has a simple structure and a reasonable design. By arranging the fan in the shell, the volume of the entire cooling tower is very light and easy to install and set; by adding fillers in the shell, the residence time of cooling water is prolonged, and the heat exchange area is increased. Increase the heat exchange and improve the cooling effect.

ICE Evaporative counter-flow closed circuit coolers structure and key components introduction:

1.Fan:Using aluminum alloy bladesof the special axial flow fan
2.Dehydrator : Corrosion-resistant PVC material makes the water flow rate reach 0.001%.
3.Sprinkler system: The large-flow basket-type nozzle is used to ensure continuous and even spraying of water on the surface of the coil.
4.Chiller: : :The copper tube,carbon steel tube (galvanized) or stainless steel,Through the high pressure test,make sure the flow offluid crush cycle.
5.Inlet style grille: It is made of corrosion-resistant PVC, and the dual-channel design can prevent and reduce the formation of some algae in the unit.
6.Unit shell: It adopts imported super galvanized sheet, which is one of the galvanized sheets with the strongest corrosion resistance today. The service life is 3-6 times that of ordinary steel sheets.  and it has strong heat resistance and excellent heat resistance. Good appearance and other advantages.Stainless steel plates can be used according to user requirements.
7.Sprinkler water pump: use high-performance brand water pumps with large flow, low power and low noise.
8.Electronic water level controller:An electronic water level controller can be provided to replace the standard mechanical float water replenishment device. This kind of controller can obtain accurate water level control when operating conditions change without on-site adjustment.
9.Exhaust hood with closed damper When a counter-flow closed circuit cooling tower is used in a water-air heat pump system or a certain process cooling application, the use of an optional machine (exhaust hood with a closed damper) can reduce the heat loss during the idle period of the equipment during the winter operation period.
10.electric heater When the ventilator is turned off, the ambient temperature is not lower than zero. At F (-18°C), it can keep the water temperature in the water pan above 40F (4.4°C). The electric heater is equipped with a low water level protection device, which can only be started when the electric heater is immersed in water. All components are installed in the enclosure to adapt to outdoor use. The relay switch and wires of the electric heater are not included in the standard configuration.

The advantage of industrial closed loop cooling Tower

The ICE series counter flow circuit closed cooling tower has the following advantages:

1. High heat exchange efficiency.
2. It occupies a small area.
3. Fully closed circulation to ensure the quality of circulating water.
4. The consumption of soft water circulation is very small, and there is no need to add a soft water generator. Just add an appropriate amount of soft water (such as distilled water) at one time, and then add some soft water when the water level drops.
5. the lowest operation cost

Industrial Closed loop Counter -Flow Cooling Tower
High- efficiency Water consumption counter -flow closed circuit cooling tower .
Energy saving counter -flow closed circuit cooling tower.

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