Who We Are?

About us

We are a leading manufacturer of high quality cooling equipment (covering open and closed-circuit coolers, evaporative condensers and air coolers) and relevant water treatment equipment (RO water treatment, Filtration and Ultra-filtration, Water Softening, Chemical Dosing System and MBR Waste-water Treatment system) with nearly 20 years knowledge and experience.
For decades, we have provided exceptional quality equipment and service to our customers and were a well-known partner in many industries including energy, oil and gas, the heavy industry, the petrochemical industry, power plants, petroleum refineries, pulp & paper mills, steel factories, mining applications, the food industry and customized equipment for the civil areas such as office building, rail-way station.
During the cooperation with the customers in the industrial field, we were entrusted to supply the relevant water treatment equipment covering from source water clarification to waste-water recycling process. The rare experience and in-depth expertise have made us specialist in this field.

Our engineering team are experts in cooling tower design optimization to maximize efficiency while assuring compliance with relevant operation permits and our corporate is flexible to readily adapt to our customers’   terms and conditions while focusing on the customers’ overall requirements such as site planning, water & air quality, evaluated costs, ease of operation and long term integrity and professionalism in the industry.

The dynamic team of ICE looks forward to facilitate continued mutual success with our customers worldwide.

Provide productive, economical and long-lasting products and services in comply with

the needs and expectations of our customers.


Our cooling towers are designed to be sustainable and

have a low environmental impact.


Experienced expert + Advanced processing equipment + Professional workers under the code of practice issued

by Quality Management System = 100% satisfaction product


Introduction of Manufacturing Base


ICE production site located in Shandong Province which has advantages in well-equipped facilities, sufficient professional workers and land resources, and local supportive policy on innovation and technology improvement.

Lean production is applied in our manufacturing base to guarantee the high quality products with competitive features, in the meanwhile, it provide flexibility in terms of lead time and production capacity, especially for customized project. 

Manufacturing Facilities